Legal Online Betting From South Africa

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Sports Betting Sites SA is a guide to online betting from South Africa. What sets us apart from other portals is we only recommend legal and licensed betting sites. The websites listed to the left are approved by the National Gambling Board (NGG) and are licensed in Western Cape. It is 100% legal for adults from all provinces to wager at these websites.

To get started, choose a bookie from the provided list and open an account on their website. The registration process takes only a few minutes to complete. The next step is depositing South African Rand (ZAR). This is required before you’re allowed to start betting. At most sites the deposit options include credit card, debit card, Skrill, SID Instant EFT, Standard Bank and/or ASBA Bank direct transfers. Refer to deposits and pay-outs if you need help, but for the most part this is an intuitive process.

Understanding Post Up

The reason deposits are required is SA bookies all operate on what the industry refers to as post up. To explain let’s say you’re current account balance is R900. You then decide to stake R300 on the Natal Sharks winning a Currie Cup Rugby match. Immediately upon placing the bet, the R300 is deducted from your R900 account balance, leaving you with R600. If the bet loses, no further is adjustment is made. If the bet wins your R300 stake is refunded and you’re paid your winnings as well. At any time you wish to cash out your winnings, part of your balance, or all of your balance, there are multiple options for doing so.

Betting Odds Explained

One of the biggest confusions with South African betting sites is the odds formats. Traditionally, SA bookies have always used an odds format called decimal odds. The odds represent how much in winnings you’ll be paid if your bet wins. For example betting R500 on odds 0.9 is risk R500 to win (R500*0.90=) R450 profit. This is still how it works at traditional SA bookies such as SportsBet.

Recently a number of International bookies have received licenses here. At sites such as Ladbrokes and SportingBet European odds are used, and these are also referred to as decimal odds. The difference is that this odds format also includes the stake. So in short, odds 0.90 at Sportsbet, is the same as odds 1.90 at Ladbrokes. If you stake R500 on odds 1.90 at Ladbrokes and win you get a return of R500*1.9=R950 and this includes your stake. If you make the same bet at Sportsbet at 0.90 you get back R500*0.90=R450 and also get back your R500 stake too. The odds are the same; the way they are listed is all that leads to confusion.

For a bit more on betting odds, as well as how to analyse them, refer to my odds converter.

Purpose of Sports Betting Sites SA

SBS SA is division of Sports Betting Sites, an internationally recognized guide to online betting. Our parent website is best known for betting strategy, betting reviews and acting as a watchdog to expose rogue online gambling operators. What intrigued us initially about the South African market is how well organised and regulated it is. We can, and in fact probably will as time permits, make a sound argument that Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB) is the most reputable gaming commission in all of online gambling. Seeing this, and how competitive the odds are, we partnered with a professional sports bettor from South Africa named Raymond Abbot who owns 27% of this project.

Raymond’s many contributions to this website include our various betting guides you’ll find linked on our left menu. We have information on rugby betting, soccer betting and horse racing as well as cricket, golf and tennis. In time we’ll be adding more sports. Our other partner James Martin is not a South African but is a licensed tax attorney with extensive background on international gambling law. He has visited several SA land based casinos, been in communication with their executives, and overall has been studying this market for several months. He will be providing much of our legal and tax news updates in the near future.

Understand this division of SBS is still rather new. However, if you’re familiar with our other websites you’ll know that betting on us to become the top guide to SA betting sites is a decent bet. This website will take time to develop, but we encourage you to check back often as new content is steadily being added.